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I have known the TM since 1990. Since then I have fallen in love with this breed. Especially “them having a mind of their own” and the beautiful and graceful appearance which makes them special. When they like you, it will be for the rest of your life. I talked about the breed with Marc and then we decided to get some information from a breeder. Through her we got Saipal Holy. This breeder and the former owner were looking for another home for this female. When we saw this lovely and beautiful bitch, at the age of 5,5 years, for the first time we immediately fell in love. This was in the year 2000.

In the year 2002 Marc and I talked about having a second TM. A puppy was what we wanted the most. But it seemed not such a good idea, because we had our son of one year and we were expecting our little girl in just a few months. If the opportunity was there we would look out for another homeless TM. I talked about it with someone from the dutch TM Club. Several months passed by, then suddenly we got a call from the lady from the dutch TM Club. She said they were looking for a new home for a 6,5 year old bitch Tsjering. With the whole family we went to meet Tsjering. When Holy and Tsjering first met they didn’t seem too interested in each other, they kind of ignored each other. But when the postman came to deliver something, both dogs were running towards the fence and were clearly letting us know that someone was at the gate. It was nice to see these two barking TM’s at the gate. We got the feeling that these two ladies would get along.

When our two ladies were getting older we decided to go for a male pup. I met the breeders from Kaltekhan kennel at Crufts in the year 2006. So, I knew if I was going to get a TM male it would be from their kennel. It would also be a good oppurtunity to bring new bloodlines to Holland. In 2007 we imported our male Norbu. We are very happy with this silly and goofy dog. He is very kind and playful to the people he knows. He is very suspicious of people he doesn’t know. If people give him the space he needs he will come and meet on his terms. Norbu is more an “outside” dog. He likes to lay in the garden all day, no matter what the weather.

In 2008 I visited Kaltekhan kennel again. One female pup stole my heart. After talking and thinking about it, we decided to take another pup into our home. She would be a great companion for our young male Norbu. This companion got the name “Kaya”. This beautiful and very sweet female is kind to everyone. She is more an “inside” dog, she always wants to be where we are. We call her our couch potato.

In 2013 our first litter was born. From this litter we kept female Chepodokhyi Moonshine. Her petname is Dawa. She is a very funny and outgoing girl and a wonderfull addition to our family.

Monika Knispel